Over many years St James Church has become a lead partner in the  regeneration happening on the Lion Farm Estate and surrounding areas within the Parish of Round green. The parish is within an area of high levels of urban deprivation and seeks out ways that connect with people at a neighbourhood level to help in the process of overcoming the cycle of deprivation that the area has found it self in over many years. St James church and it’s regeneration co-ordinator act as a catalyst in the process of overcoming the level of multiple deprivation.

The project also continues provides opportunities for young people to talk and act on issues relevant to them, within a Christian ethos and framework.  It also provides a range of youth services, including youth clubs, assemblies, and school support, and is a Diocesan appointed Foundation Governor and currently acts as Chair of Governors for the school.

The Youth and Community Regeneration Programme works with the Lion Farm Action Centre to provide opportunities to combat unemployment, low basic skills, social and personal issues and ensure that all residents have a place that can support them in thier daily lives.

St James church provides a range of activities  around the Lion Farm Estate including Indoor Carpet bowls, Bingo, Place of Welcome and Job Club in partnership with the Lion Farm Action Centre.

The Youth and Regeneration Coordinator has taken a key coordinating role in the Grace Mary to Lion Farm Big Local Area and played an important role in the preparation, consultation, organising the programme and the delivery of our Big Local plan.

For more info:

Contact Chris Sale
St James, Rounds Green
Shelsley Avenue,
Lion Farm Estate,
B69 1BG

07798 787292 (mob)

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